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No.515  【最終稿】手紙文
発言者: ハーブ
発言日: 2002 11/15 15:31

Dear Ms. Boyens,

This is my second letter on Japanese subtitles for your film "The Lord of the Rings".
I sent you a letter in September and you kindly replied to me. My fellow members of the movement for better and proper subtitles on FotR have been much encouraged by your letter. Let me thank you again on behalf of them.

Firstly, let me report to you about the subtitles in DVD/VHS released in Japan on September 21st. I'm sorry it has taken so long. The reason is that the members have not reached an agreement on the evaluation of the subtitles.

We did find that some of the errors in the subtitles were corrected, but opinions vary among the fans, from "acceptable as a whole" to "absolutely unforgivable". At least, "The Most Serious Errors" which I sent you the list of, were all repaired except for these two lines :

>The Departure of Boromir (chapter 38)
[script] I let Frodo go.
[subtitle] He has left.
[script] Then you did what I could not.
[subtitle] I am ashamed.

That is, Boromir is not a liar, and the line "the Creator of life" is not there anymore. But in my opinion, there still remain too many bad translations and unsuitable words in the subtitles of DVD/VHS. I think they are far from satisfactory, and not at all what your FotR deserves, though I have to admit that they are better than the theater version.

I have picked up some of the remaining errors to show you, and with the help of translators have made "A List of Mistranslations in DVD/VHS", inadequate as it is. The list is attached at the end of this letter.

And secondly, I have another bad news to tell you: your current trailer for "The Two Towers" on the Japanese official website released on October 18th, to our great dismay, is marred by the Japanese subtitles AGAIN. TheOneRing.net took up this news. I enclosed a copy of the article in this letter with the list, though you may have already read it.

On the above-mentioned site, Nippon Herald Films Inc. announced in June that for TTT Ms. Akiko Tanaka (one of the two Japanese translators of the original books) and Hyoron-sha (the publisher) would help the subtitler.
But to be frank with you, I cannot trust to the announcement, because there is no guarantee of their authority over the subtitler. No matter how useful their advice is, it will be no use if the subtitler does not accept it (we have good reasons to fear that this would be the case).

My friends and I are very anxious about the subtitles in the coming film "The Two Towers". Now we are preparing another petition to ask for good and proper subtitles for TTT and RotK.

I wonder if it is possible that you will appoint an agent to supervise the making of subtitles, with a good interpreter whose knowledge in Japanese language and whose judgement you can trust. It may be too much to ask. Still, we believe that your interest in this matter can bring a big change.

We are looking forward to seeing your TTT, now all the more for the trailer and the supplements in DVD. (I was greatly thrilled when I found you in one of the interviews!)

Sincerely yours,


p.s. Before sending this letter I put it up on our Website, 'Workshop for Better Subtitles (on FotR, now on LotR Movies)', to show it to my fellow members. And those who share my opinion are eager to support me, and wanted their names to be sent to you along with my letter.




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