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■4066 / 2階層)  4. 跡取り
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2006/12/13(Wed) 23:12:37) [ID:wFDKVile]

    the lord:
    And what of Jerusalem?


    In peril, my lord, as always.

    the Lord:
    We have stood there against the Saracens for over a hundred years.
    【100年もサラセン人と / 戦ったのに?】

    Saracens, as you call them, have now unified
    in Egypt, Syria and all Arabia.
    【エジプトとシリア 全アラビアが】

    the Lord:

    Saracens and someone new.

    Lord's son:(to his father)
    Saradin, the king.

    black man:

    the Lord:

    Very fine.

    the Lord:
    And yet, you do not drink.
    【酒をー 飲まんのか?】
    A knight should be a knight, a monk a monk...


    the Lord:
    ...not both. One. That's what I say.
    【お前は どっちなんだ?】
    Now I may be old-fashioned, but
    as for the cup, I have, uh, an artificer, uh, a blacksmith.
    【杯(さかずき)だけは腕のいい職人に / 作らせることにしている】
    Or did have.

    Which son of the blacksmith of my time is the blacksmith now?
    【先代の親方の跡を継いだのは / どの息子だ?】

    the Lord:
    Balian, the eldest.
    His child died.
    【最近 子供を亡くしたとか】
    His wife fell into a melancholy. She would not listen to reason.
    She killed herself. It occurs.
    【命を絶った】 【よくある話だ】
    But what's that to you?

    Private matter.
    【いや ちょっと…】(席を立ち退出する)

    the Lord:(隣席の息子に)
    It's been six and 20 years since my brother took the cross.
    Now he returns an actual baron of the kingdom of Jerusalem.
    【凱旋する今はー // エルサレム王国の直臣の位を持つ】
    How is that for the lot of the younger brother?
    With no heir, comes to me
    【嫡子がいないから / 跡取りは俺だ】
    and thus to you.
    【そして お前】

    Lord's son:
    Then I thank the stars for my uncle.

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