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■3916 / 1階層)  【DCネタバレ】chap 2 Crossroads
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2006/06/28(Wed) 10:16:43)
    2006/08/03(Thu) 08:23:44 編集(投稿者)

    (chap 1 Overture(序曲)は、音楽のみで映像も台詞もなしです)

    chap 2 Crossroads

    It is almost 100 years since Christian armies from Europe seized Jerusalem.
    Europe suffers in the grip of repression and poverty.
    Peasant and lord alike flee to the Holy Land in search of fortune or salvation.
    【救いを求め 農民も貴族も 遠い聖地を目指したのだった】

    One Knight returns home in search of his son.
    【そして一人の騎士が 未だ見ぬ息子を探し―

    1184 France


    She's denied the cross for suicide
    and buried at the center of a crossroads. Huh.
    Show me the logic, Father?
    [どういう理屈ですかね 神父さん]

    Priest: What?

    The devil is a practical man.
    [悪魔だって 阿呆じゃないでしょうに]
    If she were a witch, she was a poor return on his investment.
    [この女(ひと)に憑いた? 割が合わねえ話だ]

    Priest: What would you know of logic?

    Oh, I have ears, Father. Although one is notched
    [俺にも耳があるんでね 片方ちっと欠けてるが]
    because I love justice.

    You love theiving.
    Shut up. You dig.


    soldier:Clear the road if you will.【通してくれ】

    Godfrey:Squire. [来い]

    This is for the burial from my lord...
    And a mass for the soul.
    [その死者のために ミサを上げてやってくれと]

    Wait. Have you forgotten?
    [おい 決まりを忘れたのか]

    She was you brother's wife.

    She was a suicide. Cut off her head.
    [自殺は大罪だ 首を落とせ]
    And return the axe.


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