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■3921 / 1階層)  【DCネタバレ】chap7 The Baron's Son
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2006/06/30(Fri) 22:09:22)
    2006/08/03(Thu) 16:02:01 編集(投稿者)

    the German:
    What does that say?
    Balian : "What man is a man who does not make the world better?"
    ["人たる者 世を良くすべし"]

    Leave me with this man.

    God has made us man. We must suffer all.
    [神の創りたもうた我ら人間は 苦しむのが定めだ]

    I also have lost.
    [喪失の悲しみは 私も知っている]

    Some say Jerusalem is the very center of the world for asking forgiveness.
    But myself, I call it here. Now.
    【私は今 ここで許しを求めようと思っている】

    I knew your namesake.
    [君の名の由来を 私は承知している]

    I knew your mother.
    [君の母だった女性(ひと)を 知っていたからだ]

    To be courteous, I should say that it was against her objections,
    [普通ならこういう場合 彼女は拒みたくとも]
    and I was the lord's brother and she had no choice.
    [領主の弟だから逆らえなかったと そう言うべきなのだろうな]

    But I did not force her.
    [だが 強いてのことではなかったのだ]

    I have forgiveness to ask of you.
    [お前には 許しを乞うしかないのだが]

    I am Godfrey, the baron of Ibelin.
    【私はゴッドフリー イベリンの領主だ】
    I have 100 men at arms in Jerusalem.
    If you will come with me, you will have a living and
    [私と一緒に来てくれるなら 暮らしは立つようにするし]
    will have my thanks- there it is.

    Balian :
    Whoever you are, my lord, my place is here.
    【あなたがどなたでも ここが家です】

    What made it your place is now dead.

    You will never see me again.
    [もう 会えることはあるまい]
    If you want anything of me, take it now.
    [望みがあれば 何なりと今 言ってくれ]

    Balian :
    I want nothing.

    I am sorry for your troubles . God protect you.
    [邪魔をして悪かった 神の加護を]

    Jerusalem is easy to find.
    [エルサレムへの道は わかり易いぞ]
    You come to where the men speak Italian.
    And continue until they speak something else.
    [そのまま進み また言葉が変われば大丈夫だ]

    We go by Messina. Goodbye.


    I am sorry you lost your wife and child.

    I loved her in my fashion.

    Balian, I'm your father.
    【バリアン 私はお前の父だ】

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