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■3920 / 1階層)  【DCネタバレ】chap5 Sin/ 6 Old Memories
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2006/06/30(Fri) 22:01:40)
    2006/08/03(Thu) 15:58:25 編集(投稿者)

    chap5 Sin 罪ある者


    (通りすがりの農民に)Go on.

    Her grave was here. Or was it there?
    [埋めたのはここだ いや あっちか?]
    I'm afraid I cant't tell you the exact location.
    I wasn't present at the burial.
    [埋葬の時には いなかったんでね]


    Call me a liar. You have reason.

    You never fight back.
    Hmm? Hmm?(無抵抗のバリアンを小突く)
    [おい 何とか言えよ]
    You always turn the other cheek.
    [右の頬を打たれたら 左の頬を打たせろってか?]
    I think you conceive yourself without sin.
    That is a sin!



    Balian:We shall work.

    chap 6 Old Memories 昔日の思い出

    That is the man. That is the man.

    Hospitaler :
    (to Balian) You are an armorer, yes?
    An artificer according to your lord and this priest.
    [細工もできると 城主様から聞いた]
    You have my sympathy and my blessing. Your dead wife and stillborn child are
    [お悔やみ申し上げる 死産で 妻君も亡くされたとは]
    today the subject of my prayers.
    [今日は私の祈りを 二人に捧げよう]

    We need all these horses shod. We need food. And we'll pay.
    【馬の蹄鉄を付け替え 我々に食事を】【金は払う】

    He says yes.

    children:Have you killed any? Have you killed any?
    [ねえねえ 敵をやっつけたんだろ?]

    He has made great engines for sieges.
    [城攻めの器械も 作った男ですよ]
    He has made war machines that cast the largest stones.
    [大きな石を投げる 戦争器械をね]
    He also works finely in silver.
    [銀細工の腕も かなりのもんです]
    He will be one of the few on your journey
    [お連れになれば 重宝すること請け合いですよ]
     worth more alive than dead.

    the German:
    (司祭に)Shut up.

    (バリアンに)Have you been at war?

    On horse. and as an enginer also.
    [ええ 騎馬で 工作隊としても]

    the German:
    Against whom and for whom did you fight?

    For one lord against another, on a pont which cannot be remembered.
    [領主と領主の争いです] [理由など 誰も覚えてないような]

    the German:
    There's a better game now. One god against another.
    [こっちはもっと大物だぞ 神と神の戦(いくさ)ときてる]
    The pay is proportionate.
    [その分 金払いもいいしな]

    I've been telling him that.


    Do you still advise what you advised upon the road?
    [道中で話した件だが お前の助言は変わらないか?]

    The Hospitaler :
    I do, my lord.
    [ええ 変わりません]
    But know that this man Balian mourns his wife.
    [ただ 妻を亡くした直後ですからね]


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