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■4028 / 2階層)  DC版字幕 chap5 Sin/ 6 Old Memories
□投稿者/ One of many -(2006/12/03(Sun) 02:34:06)
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    2006/12/03(Sun) 04:27:34 編集(投稿者)
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    chap5 Sin


    Go on.

    Her grave was here.
    【確か ここだ】
    Or was it there?

    I'm afraid I cant't tell you the exact location.
    I wasn't present at the burial.


    Call me a liar. You have reason.

    You never fight back.

    Hmm? Hmm?(無抵抗のバリアンを小突く)

    You always turn the other cheek.

    I think you conceive yourself without sin.

    That is a sin!



    Balian:We shall work.

    chap 6 Old Memories

    That is the man. That is the man.

    Hospitaler :
    (to Balian) You are an armorer, yes?

    An artificer according to your lord and this priest.

    You have my sympathy and my blessing.
    Your dead wife and stillborn child are
     心から お悔やみを】
    today the subject of my prayers.

    We need all these horses shod. We need food. And we'll pay.
    【蹄鉄を付け替え 食事を頼む

    He says yes.

    children:Have you killed any? Have you killed any?

    He has made great engines for sieges.

    He has made war machines that cast the largest stones.

    He also works finely in silver.

    He will be one of the few on your journey
     worth more alive than dead.

    the German:
    (司祭に)Shut up.

    (バリアンに)Have you been at war?

    On horse. and as an enginer also.
    【騎兵でした それから兵器係も】

    the German:
    Against whom and for whom did you fight?

    For one lord against another, on a pont which cannot be remembered.

    the German:
    There's a better game now. One god against another.

    The pay is proportionate.

    I've been telling him that.



    Do you still advise what you advised upon the road?

    The Hospitaler :
    I do, my lord.

    But know that this man Balian mourns his wife.

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