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■3454 / 1階層)  エルサレムでの出会い
□投稿者/ One of many -(2005/08/16(Tue) 02:09:19)
    2005/09/11(Sun) 10:03:35 編集(投稿者)
    2005/08/22(Mon) 01:39:54 編集(投稿者)
    2005/08/18(Thu) 07:45:37 編集(投稿者)




    Nasir :Very good horse.

    Balian :Take the horse,
    and be/leave(?) back to your business.
    【これで お別れだ】

    Nasir :This is your prize of battle.
    I am your prisoner, your slave, should you wish it.
    【そして俺は あんたの奴隷だ】

    Balian :I have been a slave, or very near to one.
    I will never keep one more suffering to be kept.

    Nasir :The man you killed was a very great cavalier among Muslims.
    His name was *****.

    Balian :I will pray for him.
    Nasir :Your/Good(?) quality will be known among your enemies
    before you ever meet them, my friend.
    【友よ 戦場で相対する前にあなたの名は敵の耳に届く】


    Balian :(???) Where is it (that) Chist was crucified?

    Balian :God ... what is it you want of me?
    【神よ 私に何をお望みなのですか?】

    〔He stays awake all night. At dawn he buries his wife's cross〕

    How could you be in hell? when /I know(?) you're in my heart.
    【地獄? 君は僕の心にいる】


    Almaric:You must have known him.

    Balian :What?

    Almaric:Since you carry Godfrey's sword.
    You must have known him.

    Balian :I did.

    Almaric:A man my size.

    Balian :Yes.

    Almaric:And green eyes.

    Balian :... Blue.

    Almaric:Come with us. My lord.
    【こちらへ わが殿】


    Balian :Stop!
    You're hurting him(/it).

    Sibylla: Where is your master?

    Balian : I have none.

    Sibylla: Give me some water.

    Thank you for the drink.

    If you happen to see Balian, the son of Godfrey,
    tell him that Sibylla (has) called.



    The Hospitaler:So. How find you Jerusalem?
    【エルサレムは どうです?】

    Balian:God does not speak to me.
    Not even on the Hill where Christ died.
    I'm outside God's Grace.

    The Hospitaler:I have not heard of that

    Balian:At any rate, it seems...I've lost my religion.

    The Hospitaler:I put no stock in religion.
    By the word religion I've seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination
    be called "the will of God".
    Holiness is in right action, and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves.
    【“聖人”とは 弱き者のために勇気をもって正義を行う人々のことです】
    And Goodness---what God desires---
    【神の望む “善”というものは】
    is here, and here.
    By(?) what you decide to do every day, you'll be a good man. Or not.


    Office of the Marshal of Jerusalem
    【エルサレム軍 指揮官邸】

    The Hospitaler:The King has made peace with Saladin (the?)past six years.
    【この6年 王はサラディンと和平を結び エルサレムを】
    (and?)He holds Jerusalem as a place for prayers for all faith,
    as Muslims did before we came.
    Those men are Templars. They killed the Arabs.

    Ballian:So they are dying for what the Pope'd command(-ed?) them to do.

    The Hospitaler:Yes.
    (But) not Christ, I think, nor this king.


    Reynald :Who says I raid ?!

    Tiberius:That witness,
    all of Jerusalem, holy God---and me.
    【全エルサレムも 聖なる神も 私も見た】

    Reynald :That witness, if you call him that, is a Saracen. He lies !

    Tiberius:There will come a day, Reynald de Chatillon,
    when you are not protected by your title.

    Reynald :Ho! When will(would) that be?
    Will(Would) it be, Tiberias,
    when Men-are-equal-kingdom-of-Heaven has arrived?

    Tiberius:Those Templars have been hanged for the raid
    that I know you commanded!

    Reynald :Prove it.
    I will wait at Kerak until you do.

    Tiberius:The king will take your castle at Kerak, Reynald.

    Reynald :Try to take it, Tiberias. I'll be there.
    【やってみるがいい 楽しみだ】


    The Hospitaler :My lord Tiberias.

    (To Tiberius) My lord.

    Tiberius:It is true.
    You are your father's son. He was my friend. 
    I'm yours.

    Godfrey dead.
    He could have come upon a better time(,but...?).

    It is shouted in the streets that you killed a great lord of Syria.
    Salahadin himself sent word that your fight did not breach(?) the peace,
    but you had cause.

    What know you of Salahadin?

    Balian : That he is the king of the Saracens, and (that)
    he surrounds this kingdom.

    Tiberius:He has 200,000 men in Damascus alone.
    He can win war if he goes to war.And he is daily getting cause for war
    by fanatics newly from Europe.
    Like Templar bastards like Reynald de Chatillon.
    Here from this room I keep the peace, as far as it can be kept.
    But Salahadin and the king between them would make a better world.

    The Hospitalar : It lives only for a while, Tiberias, but it still has lived.

    What did your father tell you of your obligations?

    Balian : That I was to be a good knight.

    Tiberius:Then, I pray the world and Jerusalem
    can accommodate such rarity...as a perfect knight.

    Have you dined?


    Princess Sibylla of Jerusalem and her husband, Guy de Lusignan.


    Tiberius:So, how many knights did you find in France?

    Guy : Fifty.

    Tiberius:All have(?) sworn allegiance to the king?
    【皆 王に忠誠を?】

    Guy : Of course, Tiberias. Obviously.
    【もちろん 誓っている】

    (To Balian) You sit at MY table?

    Balian : Is it not the king's table?

    Guy :Is it? I have not seen the king at it for some years.
    I cannot eat. I'm finicky about company. 〔席を立つ〕
    【悪い癖だが 私は食事の相手を選ぶ】    
    In France, THIS〔=Balian〕 could not inherit.
    But here, there are no civilized rules. I have business in the East.
    【ここは面倒な作法がないから どこへ旅しても勝手ができる】

    My wife does not lament my absence.
    That is either the very best of wives, or the very, very worst.

    Tiberius:You go to meet Reynald?

    Guy : No,my lord. He is in disfavor. I am a member of this court.
    Why should I make league with that---

    Tiberius:(To Sibylla) To the very best of wives!


    The king will see Godfrey's son.

    Sibylla:I'll take him.

    Balian :This morning I spoke without knowing who you are.
    Sibylla:I knew who you were.
    It's unmistakable.
    I loved your father. And I shall love you.

    Do you fear being with me?

    Balian :No, ...
    and yes.

    Sibylla:A women in my place has two faces.
    One for the world, and one which she wears in private. 
    With you, I'll be only Sybilla.

    Tiberias thinks me unpredictable.
    I am. Unpredictable.
    【そう そういう女よ】

    No. 〔指す〕There.


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