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■2108 / 2階層)  英語脚本8. The Palantir **
□投稿者/ douglas -(2004/12/19(Sun) 12:05:10)
    2004/12/19(Sun) 13:14:27 編集(投稿者)

    8. The Palantir **

    Legolas: The stars are veiled.

    Legolas: Something stirs in the East... A sleepless malice.

    Legolas: The Eye of the enemy is moving.

    Merry: What are you doing?
    Merry: Pippin!
    Merry: Pippin?

    Merry: Pippin.
    -What,are you mad?
    Pippin:-I just want to look at it!
    Just one more time.
    Merry: Put it back.
    Merry: Pippin...

    Merry: No!

    Legolas: He is here.

    Voice of Sauron: I see you...

    Merry: Pippin!

    Merry: Help! Gandalf, help!

    Merry: Someone help him!

    Merry: Pippin!
    Gandalf: Fool of a Took!

    Gandalf: Look at me.
    Pippin: Gandalf, Forgive me!
    Gandalf: Look at me. What did you see?
    Pippin: A tree. There was a white tree...
    ...in a courtyard of stone.
    It was dead.

    Pippin: The city was burning.
    Gandalf: Minas Tirith? Is that what you saw?
    Pippin: I saw...
    I saw him.
    I could hear his voice in my head!
    Gandalf: And what did you tell him? Speak!
    Pippin: He asked me my name. I didn't answer. He hurt me!
    Gandalf: What did you tell him about Frodo and the Ring?!

    Gandalf: There was no lie in Pippin's eyes.
    A fool...
    ...but an honest fool he remains.

    Gandalf: He told Sauron nothing of Frodo and the Ring.
    We've been strangely fortunate.
    Pippin saw in the Palantir a glimpse of the enemy's plan.
    Sauron moves to strike the city of Minas Trirth.
    His defeat at Helm's Deep showed our enemy one thing.
    He knows the heir of Elendil has come forth.
    Men are not as weak as he supposed.
    There is courage still,strength enough perhaps to challenge him.
    Sauron fears this.
    He will not risk the peoples of Middle-Earth uniting under
    one banner.

    Gandalf: He will raze Minas Tirith to the ground...
    ... before he sees a King return to the throne of men.

    Gandalf: If the Beacons of Gondor are lit,Rohan must be ready for war.
    Theoden: Tell me...
    ...why should we ride to the aid of those who did not come to ours?

    Theoden: What do we owe Gondor?
    Aragorn: -I will go.
    Gandalf: -No!
    Aragorn: -They must be warned!
    Gandalf: -They will be.

    Gandalf: You must come to Minas Tirith by other road.
    Follow the river. And look to the Black ships.

    Gandalf: Understand this: Things are now in motion that cannot be undone.
    I ride for Minas Tirith.

    Gandalf: ...and I won't be going alone.

    Gandalf: Of all the inquisitive Hobbits, Peregrin Took, you are the worst!
    Hurry! Hurry!

    Pippin: Where are we going?
    Merry: Why did you look?
    Why do you always have to look?!
    Pippin: -I don't know.I can't help it.
    Merry: -You never can!
    Pippin: I'm sorry, all right?!

    Pippin: -I won't do it again.
    Merry: -Don't you understand?
    The enemy thinks you have the Ring!

    Merry: He's going to be looking for you, Pip.
    They have to get you out of here.
    Pippin: And you-- You're coming with me?

    Pippin: Merry?
    Merry: Come on.

    Pippin: How far is Minas Tirith?
    Gandalf: Three days'ride, as the Nazgul flies.

    Gandalf: And you better hope we don't have one of those on our tail.

    Merry: Here. Something for the road.
    Pippin: The last of the Longbottom Leaf.
    Merry: I know you've run out. You smoke too much, Pippin.
    Pippin: But-- But we'll see each other soon.

    Pippin: -Won't we?
    Merry: -I don't know.

    Merry: I don't know what's going to happen.
    Pippin: -Merry!
    Gandalf: -Run, Shadowfax. Show us the meaning of haste.
    Pippin: Merry!!!

    Aragorn: Merry!

    Merry: He's always followed me...
    ...everywhere I went...
    ...since before we were tweens.
    I would get him into the worst sort of trouble...
    ...but I was always there to get him out.
    Now he's gone.
    Just like Frodo and Sam.
    Aragon: One thing I have learned about Hobbits:
    They're a most hardy folk.
    Merry: Foolhardy, maybe. He's a Took.



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