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No2724 の記事

■2724 / )  【マスター】番号リスト
□投稿者/ One of many -(2005/03/10(Thu) 23:07:26)

    1-1 Prologue No.2357
    1-2 Overture / Hannibal [1][2] No.2402 No.2403
    1-3 Think of me [1][2] No.2578 No.2579
    1-4 Angel of Music No.2441
    1-5 Little Lotte / The Mirror (Angel of Music) No.2367
    1-6 The Phantom of the Opera No.2378
    1-7 The music of the night No.2379
    1-8 Magical Lasso No.2365
    1-9 I Remember / Stranger than you dreamed it No.2414
    1-10 Notes / Prima Donna No.2641 No.2552
    1-11 Poor Fool, He makes me laugh / IL MUTO No.2561
    1-12 Why have you brought me here / Raoul I've been there No.2570
    1-13 All I ask of you No.2406
    1-14 All I ask of you (Reprise) No.2487

    2-1 Masquerade / Why so silent No.2337
    2-2 Madame Giry's tale / The fairground No.2338
    2-3 Journey to the cemetery No.2443
    2-4 Wishing you were somehow here again No.2489
    2-5 Wandering child No.2444
    2-6 The swordfight No.2444
    2-7 We have all been blind No.2580
    2-8 Don Juan No.2454
    2-9 The point of no return / Chandelier crash No.2456
    2-10 Down once more / Track down this murderer No.2469 No.2472
    2-11 Learn to be lonely No.2497
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