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■2718 / 5階層)  私のも載りました
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2005/03/10(Thu) 19:37:49)
    2005/03/10(Thu) 19:50:17 編集(投稿者)

    金のたてがみ様のほうが先に気づいてくださいました(^^;) ありがとうございます!

    In Japan, "The PHANTOM of the OPERA" has been more than successful. The top winner at the box office for four weeks on end! It has brought a completely new experience to many people because your masterpiece was not so well known among us as in Enlish-speaking countries. For the first time Japanese audience in general learned what it is to be enchanted by the beauty of the music and moved deeply by a breathtaking drama at the same time.

    But alas, its translation is faulty as 'kuni' from Tokyo has already reported to you. Instead of "You are not alone," Christine says to Phantom "I was attracted to you," and then kisses him. Raoul never says "Christine, say no! Don't throw your life away for my sake!" but begs for his life---or at least that's the way those who have to depend on subtitles understood it.

    We fans in Japan are now trying to tell the distributor, who is responsible for the bad translation of your great movie, to correct all those fatal errors and pure fabrications. We sincerely hope for your help in this matter.

    Since Japanese language is as different from yours as its culture, we often encounter problems. Word-to-word translation is impossible. Without a good understanding of the lyrics, none of your lines can be put into Japanese correctly. A big arguement has been going on the Japanese Web, for example, about the word "passion-play" in "The Point of No Return." The way the translator put it on your movie has nothing to do with the Cross or sacrifice or death. It's exclusively and excessively sexual. Do you think ---would Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber think--- that's OK?
    I really would like to know for sure whether this word "passion-play" was intended to convey double meaning or not.

    We're looking forward to the DVD release but are very anxious about the quality of the translation. Would you please see to it that subtitles be revised to do your masterpiece justice?

    A big arguement has been going on onthe Japanese Web, だろうが…_| ̄|●

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