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■2230 / 4階層)  【ネタバレ】原作対照:サウロンの口
□投稿者/ さんちゃん -(2004/12/28(Tue) 23:21:07)
    2004/12/28(Tue) 23:23:12 編集(投稿者)

    >They came within cry of the Morannon, and unfurled the banner, and blew upon their trumpets; and the heralds stood out and sent their voice up over the battlement of Mordor.
    >'Come forth!' they cried. 'Let the Lord of the Black Land come forth! Justice shall be done upon him! For wrongfully he has made war upon Gondor and wrested its lands. Therefore the King of Gondor demands that he should atone for his evils, and depart then for ever. Come forth!'
    >'Is there anyone in this rout with authority to treat with me?' he asked. 'Or indeed with wit to understand me? Not thou at least!' he mocked, turning to Aragorn with scorn. 'It need more to make a king than a piece of elvish glass, or rabble such as this. Why, any brigand of the hills can show as good a following!'
    >'So!' said the Messenger. 'Then thou art the spokesman, old greybeard? Have we not heard of thee at whiles, and of thy wanderings, ever hatching plots and mischief at a safe distance? But this time thou hast stuck out thy nose too far, Master Gandlf; and thou shalt see what comes to him who sets his foolish webs before the feet of Sauron the Great. I have tokens that I was bidden to show to thee - to see in especial, if thou shouldst dare to come.' He signed to one of his guards, and he came forward bearing a bundle swathed in black cloths.
    >The Messenger put these aside, and there to the wonder and dismay of all the Captains he held up first the short sword that Sam had carried, and next a grey cloak with an elven-brooch, and last the coat of mithril-mail that Frodo had worn wrapped in his tattered garments. A blackness came before their eyes, and it seemed to them in a moment of silence that the world stood still, but their hearts were dead and their last hope gone. Pippin who stood behind Prince Imrahil sprang forward with a cry of grief.
    >'Silece!' said Gandalf sternly, thrusting him black; but the Messenger laughed aloud.
    >'He was dare to you, I see. Or else his errands was one that you did not wish to fail? It has. And now he shall endure the slow torment of years, as long and slow as our arts in the Great Tower can contrive, and never be released, unless maybe when he is changed and broken, so that he may come to you, and you shall see what you have done. This shall surely be - unless you accept my Lord's terms.'
    >'We did not come here to waste words in treating with Sauron, faithless and accursed; still less with one of his slaves. Begone!'
    (ROTK; The Black Gates Opens)

    >「そうか!」と使者はいいました。「では、なんじが代表者だな、灰色鬚のじじいよ?なんじのことは、放浪のこと、安全な場所にわが身を置いて、絶えず陰謀やいたずらを企んどることも、われらが時折耳にしなかったというか?だが、今度という今度は、ガンダルフどの、なんじもその鼻を少々遠くまで突き出しすぎたな。サウロン大王のおん足許に愚かな蜘蛛の巣を張りめぐらしたやつがどういうことになるか、見せてくれるわ。わがはいはなんじに ー とくにきさまにだ、敢えてここまでしゃしゃり出て来たならば、見せるようにいいつかってきた証拠品をたずさえているのだ。」かれは護衛の一人に合図しました。その男は黒い布にくるんだ包みを一つ持って前に出てきました。
    >「きゃつはなんじらにとって大切な者だったのだな?でなければ、きゃつの用向きが、なんじらの失敗してほしくないと思っている用向きなのだな?それは失敗したぞ。そしてきゃつはこれから何年にもわたる緩慢な拷問を味わうことになるわい。大いなる塔におけるわれらの術策が工夫し得る限り長く緩慢な拷問をな。そしてきゃつは二度と釈放されることはないぞ。ただしきゃつがすっかり変えられ、くじけてしまえば別かもしれんが。そうなればきゃつもなんじらの許にやって来られよう。なんじらのなせることを見さすためにな。まちがいなくこういうことになろうぞ ー なんじらがわが主君の出された条件をのまぬのならばな。」
    (王の帰還上巻 第10章 黒門開く)

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