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No3507 の記事

■3507 / )  【8】最後の謁見〜臨終の王
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2005/09/28(Wed) 10:27:57)
    2005/09/29(Thu) 00:42:29 編集(投稿者)

    King Baldwin:
      So, my friend,
      the time has come to conclude my affairs.
      We have decieded that you shall take command of the army of Jerusalem.
      If we leave it with Guy,he will have power through my sister and make war on Muslims.
      【ギーに委ねると 妹を口実に実権をにぎり戦争を始める】

    Balian :
      Whatever you ask, I will serve.

    King Baldwin:
      Hear it all before you answer.
      【最後まで よく聞くのだ】
      Would you marry my sister Sibylla, were she free of Guy?

    Balian :
      And Guy?

    Tiberias :
      He will be executed.
      Along with the knights who do not swear allegiance.

    Balian :
      I cannot be the cause of that.

    Tiberias :
      Whatever you ask, I will serve...

    Balian :(to his king)
      A king may move a man, you said, but the soul belongs to the man.)
      【"王は部下を動かせるが" "魂はその人間のもの"と】

    King Baldwin:
      Yes I did.

    Balian :
      You have my love, and my answer.
      【愛する王 それが私の答です】

    King Baldwin:
      Ah. So be it.

      Why do you protect Guy?
         He is the man who insults you, hates you,
         kills you himself when he has a chance.
         For the salvation of this kingdom,
         would it be so hard to marry Sibylla?
         Jerusalem has no need of a perfect knight.

    Balian :
      No. It is a kingdom of conscience, or nothing.

    Balian :
      Who are you to refuse a king?
      I am what I am. I offer you that, and the world...
      You say no.

    Balian :
      Do you think I'm like Guy?
      That I would sell my soul?

    Sibylla:(Turns away)
      There will be a day, when you'll wish you had done
          the little evil to do a greater good.
    看守:My lord.

    Reynald :
      Do you think the king wants you as(?) the head of the army, once he's gone?
      You think your wife does?
      I have a problem.

    Reynald :
      Oh, Yes. Ballian. I saw him at Karak.


    Baldwin IV:Ah... hello.
      I was dreaming.
      I was back in that summer. I defeated Saladin.
      Do you remember it? I was only sixteen.
      【覚えているかい? 私は16才だった】

    Sibylla : You were a beautiful boy.

    Baldwin IV:Yes.

    Sibylla :
       You've always been beautiful... in every way.
      【いつも美しかった】        【すべての面で】

    Baldwin IV:
      My beautiful sister...
      so beautiful...
      I am sorry I've caused you the pain.
      Remember me as I was.

    Sibylla : I will.

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