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No3369 の記事

■3369 / )   バリアンの台詞(砂漠〜その夜) 
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2005/06/20(Mon) 18:22:44)
    2005/06/22(Wed) 10:09:00 編集(投稿者)

    わたしもついつい増量しました(^^;) なので二回に分けます。

     なお、アラビア語は省略または *** としました。

    Nasir :He says, that is his horse!
    Balian :Why would it be his horse?
    Nasir :Because it is on his land!
    Balian :I took this horse from the sea.

    Nasir :He says you're a great liar. And he will fight you because you are a liar.
    Balian :I have no desire to fight.
    Nasir :Then you must give him the horse.
    Balian :No.

    Balian :Fight me fairly!
    Nasir :Why? Why should he? He is a knight.
    Balian :And I am the Baron of Ibelin.

    Nasir :He says the Baron of Ibelin is old. He knew him in Damascus.
    Balian :I am the new one.

    Nasir :NO! *** That's enough, *****! Ibelin, no!!

    Balian :You have(n't?) taken it very well that I've killed your master.
    Nasir :It was the end of his time. All is as God wills it.
         Now, finish this.
    Balian :Take me to Jerusalem.

    Nasir :Very good horse.
    Balian :Take the horse, and be/leave(?) back to your business.
    Nasir :This is your prize of battle. I am your prisoner, your slave, should you wish it.
    Balian :I have been a slave, or very near to one.
         I will never keep one more suffering to be kept.(?) Go.

    Nasir :The man you killed was a very great cavalier among Muslims.
         His name was *****.
    Balian :I will pray for him.
    Nasir :Your/Good(?) quality will be known among your enemies
         before you ever meet them, my friend.
    Balian :(???) Where is it (that) Chist was crucified?

    Balian :God ... what is it you want of me?
      〔He stays awake all night. At dawn he buries his wife's cross〕
        How could you be in hell? when /I know(?) you're in my heart.

    Almaric:You must have known him.
    Balian :What?
    Almaric:Since you carry Godfrey's sword. You must have known him.
    Balian :I did.
    Almaric:A man my size.
    Balian :Yes.
    Almaric:And green eyes.
    Balian :... Blue.

    Almaric:Come with us. My lord.

    Balian :Stop! You're hurting him/it.

    Sibylla: Where is your master?
    Balian : I have none.
    Sibylla: Give me some water.
         Thank you for the drink. If you happen to see Balian, the son of Godfrey,
         tell him that Sibylla has called.
    Balian :This morning I spoke without knowing who you are.
    Sibylla:I knew who you were. It's unmistakable.
         I loved your father. And I shall love you. Do you fear being with me?
    Balian :No, ...and yes.
    Sibylla:A women in my place has two faces. One for the world,
         and one which she wears in private. With you, I'll be only Sybilla.
        Tiberias thinks me unpredictable. I am. Unpredictable.
        No. 〔指す〕There.
    Sibylla:I'm on my way to Kana, where Jesus changed water to wine.
        But a better trick it would be to change you to a nobleman.
    Balian :That should be easy. In France, a few yards of silk can make a nobleman.
    Sibylla:I expect your hospitality.
    Balian :It is given. Lotif!
    Housekeeper: Ya!
    Balian :It seems years since I've seen a woman eat.
        I was watching you today. If given a touch of dirt, it seems, you will build a new Jerusalem here.

    Balian : Here is my land. What would I be if I did not try to make it better?

    Sybilla: They try to be one. One heart, one morality.
         Their prophet says "submit," Jesus says... "decide."
    Balian : Did you decide on Guy?
    Sybilla: Guy was chosen by my mother. I was fifteen at that time.

    Sybilla: Why do you think I'm here?
    Balian : I know that Ibelin is not on the way to Kana.
    Sybilla: What else do you know, my lord?
    Balian : I know that you are a princess, and I am no lord.
    Sybilla: You are a knight.
    Balian : Neither earned, nor proved.

    Sybilla: I'm not here because I'm bored or...wicked.
         I'm here because ... because in the East, between one person and another,
         there is only light.
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