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No3295 の記事

■3295 / )  ティベリアスの台詞(要補完)
□投稿者/ One of many -(2005/06/08(Wed) 08:01:25)
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    懺悔:ティベリアスに王様をitと呼ばせてしまいました。it 扱いだなんて

    (Reynald : Who says I raid !)
    That witness, all of Jerusalem, holy God---
    and me.
    (Reynald : That witness is, if you call (?), a Saracen. He lies. )
    (?) will come a day, Reynald, when you are not protected by your title.
    (Reynald : When will it be?
    Will that be (???)the kingdom of heaven arrived?
    Those Templars have been hung for the raid (that) I know you commanded.
    (Reynald : Prove it ! I will wait at Kerak until you do.)
    The king will take your castle at Kerak.
    (Reynald : Try to take it, Tiberias. I'll be there.)

    (The Hospitaler : My lord...)
    That's true. You are your father's son. He was my friend.
    I'm yours.
    Godfrey (?)dead. He could have(以下不明).

    It is shouted in the streets that you killed a great lord of Syria.
    Saladin himself sent word (that) your fight did not breach peace,
    (but) you had cause.
    What know you of Saladin?
    (Balian : That he is the king of Saracens, and he surrounds this kingdom.)
    He has 200,000 men(?) in Damascus alone. He can win (???) when he goes to war,
    (???) by Templar (?) like Reynald.)
    But Saladin and the king between them would make a better world.
    (The Hospitalar : It lives only for a while, but it still has lived.)

    What did your father tell you of your obligations?
    (Balian : That I (was???) to be a good knight.)
    Then, I pray the world and Jerusalem (can?)accommodate such rarity
    ----as a perfect knight.
    Have you dined?

    How many knights did you find in France?
    (Guy : Fifty.)
    (?) All have allegiance to the king?
    (Guy : Of course, Tiberias. Obviously. (To Balian) You sit at MY table?)
    (Balian : Is it not the king's table?)
    (Guy : Is it? I have not seen the king at it for some years.
    I cannot eat. I'm (???) about company.
    In France, this could not inherit, but here,
    there are no civilized rules. I have business in the East.
    My wife does not lament my absence(s) .
    That is either the very best of wives,
    or very, very worst.)
    You go to meet Reynald.
    (Guy : No. He is (in this???). I am a member of this court.
    Why should I make leave(?) with a troublemaker.)
    (To Sibylla) To the very best of wives!

    The king will(?) see Godfrey's son.

    Reynald de Chatillon, with the Templars, have attacked a Saracen caravan.
    Silence !
    (It was no caravan. It was the army heading/headed?
    for Bethlehem to (disgrace both ???)
    Saladin will (come into?) this.
    (Guy : (?) Tiberias sure knows more about Saladin's intentions than ???)
    (To Guy) I would rather live with men than kill them.
    This is certainly why you are alive.
    (Guy : That sort of Christianity has its uses.)
    We must not go to war. We do not want it. and (we?) may not win.
    (Blasphemy ! )
    (The army of Jesus Christ which bears a holy cross cannot be beaten!)
    (Guy : And Tiberias suggests that it could be?)
    (There must be war ! God wills it!)
    (Guy : God wills it!)
    Sile---nce !!
    (King Baldwin : Oh. Saladin has crossed the Jordan with 200,000 men.)
    He will make (?) for Kerak and Reynald de Chatillon...
    My lord...

    (Reynald : What are you looking at?)
    The dead (???). Reynald de Chatillon, you are arrested (???)
    (To Balian) I need you in Jerusalem.

    Why do you protect Guy? He is the man who insults you, hates you,
    kills you himself when he has a chance.
    (?) For the salvation of this kingdom.
    Would it be so hard to marry Sibylla?
    Jerusalem has no need of a perfect knight.
    (Balian : No. It is a kingdom of conscience. Or nothing.)

    (We should meet the enemy of God!)
    (Guy : So shall we!)
    Then, you do so without my knight.
    (Guy : I will take your glory, Tiberias.
    You had yours years and years ago. It is time for mine!)

    (Balian : If Saladin is finished with Guy, he will come.
    We must (look to?) the defenses. )
    The king is dead. Jerusalem along with him.

    I've given my whole life to Jerusalem. Everything.
    First, I thought we... we're fighting for God.
    And I realized (that) we are fighting for the wealth and land.
    I was ashamed.

    There is no more Jerusalem.
    I shall go to Cyprus. Will you come with me?
    (Balian : No.)
    You are your father's son.
    Saladin moves his army from water to water.
    (At least?) four days... maybe five.
    God be with you. He is no longer with me.
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