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■2102 / )  英語脚本1. The Finding of the Ring **
□投稿者/ douglas -(2004/12/19(Sun) 10:01:44)
    2004/12/19(Sun) 11:41:40 編集(投稿者)
    2004/12/19(Sun) 10:05:41 編集(投稿者)
    2004/12/19(Sun) 10:04:42 編集(投稿者)
    2004/12/19(Sun) 10:04:05 編集(投稿者)

    1. The Finding of the Ring **

    Deagol: Smeagol! I've got one! I've got a fish,Smeag. Smeagol!
    Smeagol: Pull it in. Go on. Go on. Pull it in.

    Smeagol: Give us that, Deagol,my love.
    Deagol: Why?
    Smeagol: Because...
      ...it's my birthday and I wants it.

    Smeagol: My precious.

    Smeagol: They cursed us.Murderer.
    "Murderer"they called us.
    They cursed us and drove us away.
    And we wept,precious.
    We wept to be so alone.
    --and cool so nice for feet
    And we only wish to catch a fish
    So juicy sweet

    And we forgot the taste of bread..
    ...the sound of trees...
    ...the softness of the wind.
    We even forgot our own name.

    My precious.


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