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■2068 / 親記事)  RotKSEEその4
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2004/12/18(Sat) 11:44:54)
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■2069 / ResNo.1)  25. Peregrine of the Tower Guard ★
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2004/12/18(Sat) 11:45:32)
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■2070 / ResNo.2)  28. The Sacrifice of Faramir **
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2004/12/18(Sat) 11:46:49)
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■2071 / ResNo.3)  29. Marshalling at Dunharrow **
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2004/12/18(Sat) 11:47:53)
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■2072 / ResNo.4)  31. Aragorn Takes the Passage of the Dead **
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2004/12/18(Sat) 11:48:15)
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■2073 / ResNo.5)  33. Dwimorberg - The Haunted Mountain **
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2004/12/18(Sat) 11:49:07)
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■2074 / ResNo.6)  35. The Passage of the Dead **
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2004/12/18(Sat) 11:49:33)
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■2117 / ResNo.7)  英語脚本 25. Peregrine of the Tower Guard ★
□投稿者/ koyuki -(2004/12/19(Sun) 17:11:38)
    Pippin: What were you thinking, Peregrin Took?
    What service can a Hobbit offer such a great lord of Men?
    Faramir: It was well-done.
    A generous deed should not be checked with cold counsel.
    You are to join the tower guard.

    Pippin: I didn’t think they would find any livery that would fit me.
    Faramir: Once belonged to a young boy of the city.
    A very foolish one…
    … who wasted many hours slaying dragons instead of attending to his studies.

    Pippin: This is yours?
    Faramir: Yes, it was mine.
    My father had it made for me.
    Pippin: Well…
    … I’m taller than you were then.
    Though I’m not likely to grow anymore, except sideways.

    Fara: Never fitted me either.
    Boromir was always the soldier.
    They were so alike, he and my father.
    Stubborn even.
    But strong.

    Pippin: I think you have strength of a different kind.
    And once day your father will see it.


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■2128 / ResNo.8)  英語脚本35
□投稿者/ あしゅ -(2004/12/20(Mon) 07:48:52)
    Gimli: What is it?
    What do you see?
    Legolas: I see shape of men.
    And horses.
    Gimli: Where?
    Legolas: Pale banners like shreds of croud.
    Spears rise....
    like winter-thickets through a shroud of mist.
    That Dead are following.
    They are summoned.
    Gimil: The Dead?
    I knew that.
    Very good.
    Very good! Legolas!

    Aragorn: Do not look down.

    Aragorn:(これより前は上映版と一緒です。I am Isildur's heir.以下の会話)
    You have my word!
    Fight, and I will release you from this living death!
    What you say?
    Gimli: Stand, you traitors!

    Aragorn: Out!

    King of the Dead: We fight.


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■2130 / ResNo.9)  英語脚本28
□投稿者/ あしゅ -(2004/12/20(Mon) 08:25:49)
    Falamir: (Where does my allegiance lie if not here?の続き)
    This is the city of Men of Numenor.
    I will gladly give my life to defend her beauty...
    her memory, her wisdom.

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