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■4040 / )  DC版字幕 chap 39(5) Conscience or Nothing
□投稿者/ One of many -(2006/12/10(Sun) 22:56:33) [ID:tpVYzetX]
    2006/12/11(Mon) 00:26:23 編集(投稿者)

    chap 39(5) Conscience or Nothing バリアンの選択

    King Baldwin:
    So, my friend, the time has come
    to conclude my affairs.
    【友よ そろそろ この身に

    If I leave the army with Guy,
    he will take power through my sister
    and make war on the Muslims.

    We have decieded that you shall take
    command of the army of Jerusalem.

    Will you defend my nephew when he is king?

    Balian :
    Whatever you ask, I will serve.
    【はい ご命令どおりに】


    Balian :


    Who are you to refuse a king?

    I will have power, without Guy or with him.

    Guy is indebted to your say-so and my brother's, but it's mine.

    Balian :
    Do you have any idea of Jerusalem
    except that it is yours?

    You will never hold it in peace as your brother did.

    It will be war.

    My grandfather took Jerusalem in blood.

    I'll keep it the same way or any way I can.

    I am what I am. 
    I offer you that,
    and the world.

    You say no.

    Balian :
    Do you think I'm like Guy?
    That I would sell my soul?

    Sibylla:(Turns away)
    There will be a day
    when you will wish you had done
    a little evil to do a greater good.



    Reynald :
    Do you really think the king wants you
    as head of the army, once he's gone?

    (You) think your wife does?

    I have a problem.

    Reynald :
    (Oh,) Yes. Ballian.
    【そう バリアンの---】
    I saw him at Kerak.


    You must beware a popular man.

    Kill him.

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