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No3371 の記事

■3371 / )  バリアンの台詞(後朝〜帰郷)
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2005/06/20(Mon) 21:52:33)
    2005/09/29(Thu) 09:01:38 編集(投稿者)


    〔翌朝? 発つシビラ〕
    Sibylla:What becomes of us?
    Balian :The world will decide. The world always decides.

    Almaric : My lord, the king is marching on/for(?) Kerak.

    Almaric : Saracen cavalry. They're coming to close Reynald in.
        These people are not safe outside the walls.
        Saladin will certainly come behind them.
    Balian :(To Sibylla) Go into the fortress now.

    Reynald:Look at her! (?)

    Reynald's man:My lord Balian! My lord Balian!
          My lord Reynald prays you bring your horse to Kerak.
    Balian :Thank you, but no. If we do, these people will die.
         We hold the Saracen cavalry till the king arrives.
    Reynald's man:So be it.

    Almaric : We cannot attack that and live.

    Reynald:What d'you look at?
    Sybilla:A knight. His men.

    Balian :(To Almaric) Are you with me?
    Almaric : (Smiles)

    Nasir :Your/Good(?) quality will be known among your enemies
         before you ever meet them, my friend.
    Balian :You're not that manservant.
    Nasir :No. He was MY servant.
    Balian :What becomes of us?
    Nasir :As you desire. "You reap what you sow". You have heard of this, no? Get up.
         You may go into Kerak, but you will die there. My master is here.
       (To his soldier) Tell my lord Salahadin that Jerusalem is come.

    Sybilla:Salah -ad Din ...

    Balian :Sibylla!
    Sybilla: Who are you to refuse a king?
         I am what I am. I offer you that, and the world...
         You say no.
    Balian :Do you think I'm like Guy? That I would sell my soul?
    Sibylla:(Turns away) There will be a day, when you'll wish
         you had done the little evil to do a greater good.
    Balian :Is this why you came to the Holy Land? Come on !

    Guy : Now this assembly of barons and all Jerusalem is complete.
       There are those among you who may disagree with our succession.
       But it is war.〔賛同の声〕
       And I am ...〔バリアン到着〕...the King.
       We march at once. What say this council?
    Crusaders:Aye! Aye! Aye!

    Balian:No. If you must have war, this army cannot move away from water.
        You have a chance to hold the city. But if you move out against Saladin,
        this army will be destroyed and the city left defenseless.
    Guy  : When I wish a blacksmith to advise me on war, I will tell him.
    Balian:Saladin wants you to come out.
        He is waiting for you to make that mistake. He knows his man.
    High Priest(?):We should meet the enemies of God!
    Guy  :And so we shall!
    Sibylla: When Saladin comes, we are not defensible.
         Save the people from what I have done.
    Balian: I will.


    Balian :Mark 400.
    Soldiers:400! 400!
    Balian :They are here.
    Almaric :It is only one man.
    Balian :No. They are here.
    Balian :This is the only section of the wall they can attack.
         Once they begin bombarding the walls, they will stop
         only to avoid hitting their own siege towers as they come in.
         Take the bombardment, and when they cease firing, we fire.

    Patriarch:We must leave the city.
    Balian  :How exactly, my lord bishop?
    Patriarch:The fastest horse, from the lesser gate.
    Balian  :And the people?
    Patriarch:It is unfortunate about the people, but it is God's will.


    Patriarch: My lord, my lord. My lord, how will you defend Jerusalem without knights?
         We have no knights!
    Balian :Truly?
         (To a boy) What is your condition?
    Peasant Boy:I'm a servant to the patria(rch).
    Patriarch:This is one of my servants.
    Balian  :Is he? You're born a servant?  Kneel.
         Every man at arms, or capable of bearing them! Kneel!
         On your knees!
      Be without fear in the face of your enemies.
      Be brave and upright that God may love thee.
      Speak the truth, even if it leads to your death.
      Safegurad the helpless. That is your oath.
         And that is so you remember it.
         Rise a knight! Rise a knight!!

    Patriarch:Who do you think you are? You alter the world?
         Does making a man a knight make him a better fighter?
    Balian :Yes.
    soldier :My lord?
    Balian :No.
    Almaric :When will it begin?
    Balian :Soon.
    Balian :That was only the first day. There may be a hundred more.
    Almaric :Saladin will show no mercy.
    Balian :We must hold out, force him to offer terms.
    Almaric :What terms?
    Balian :We fight for the people. Their safety and freedom.

    Patriarch:(If the bodis are burnt, they?) cannot be resurrected until the Judgement day.
    Balian :If we do not burn these bodies, we'll all be dead of disease in three days.
       God will understand, my lord. And if he doesn't,
       then he is not God. And we need not worry.
      This is where we all make a stand. We must prepare.
      When this wall comes down, there will be no quarter.
      If you throw down your arms, your families will die.
      We can break this army here. So I say, let them come!
      Let them come! Come on!

    Almaric :They will ask for terms. They must ask for terms.
    Patriarc:Convert to Islam, repent later.
    Balian :You've told me a lot about religion, your Eminence.

    Balian :I have surrendered Jerusalem. All will be safely escorted to the sea.
         If this is the "Kingdom of Heaven",
         let God do with it as he wills.

    Balian :Your brother's kingdom is here, and here.
         That kingdom can never be surrendered.
    Sibylla :What should I do? I'm stiil the queen of Akko,Ascalon, and
    Balian :Decide not to be a queen. And I will come to you.


    Nasir :This horse, is not a very good horse. I won't keep it.
    Balian : ...Thank you.
    Nasir :And if God does not love you, how could you have done
         all the things that you've done?
         Peace be upon you.
    Balian :Aleikom salam.

    Balian :A queen never walks. And yet you are walking.
    King's man:We crusade to recover the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
    Balian :You go to where the men speak Italian, and continue
        till they speak something else.
    Richard:We've come by this road to find Balian, who was a defender of Jerusalem.
    Balian :I am a blacksmith.
    Richard:And I am the King of England.
    Balian :I am a/the blacksmith.


    No.3368の通りに a なんですが、the に聞こえる(特に後の方)のは気のせいか?
    それからイマドの台詞ですが、One of many 様No.3265にあるように、your qualityである可能性のほうが高そうです(字幕、吹き替えの訳にしても、ネット上英語検索でも)。

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