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No3300 の記事

■3300 / )  ゴッドフリーの台詞 (要補完)
□投稿者/ One of many -(2005/06/09(Thu) 21:31:26)
    2005/06/10(Fri) 19:51:59 編集(投稿者)
    2005/06/09(Thu) 23:35:32 編集(投稿者)


    (The Hostpitaler : You know this place, my lord?)
    (?) Yes. I knew all of it.

    (The Hospitaler : The blacksmith is the man you seek. His name is Balian.
    (???) he mourns. Buried (when we passed the crossroad?) was his wife.
    A child died. She was overcome with grief and killed herself.)
    You still advise what you advised (up)on the road?
    (The Hospitaler : I do, My lord.)

    Leave me with this man.
    (To Balian)
    I am sorry that you lost your wife and child. I also lost.
    Some say Jerusalem is the very center of the world for asking forgiveness.
    For myself, I call it here, now.
    I knew your mother. To be courteous I should say that it was against
    her objections. But I did not force her. I loved her in my fashion.
    Balian, I'm your father. I have forgiveness to ask of you.
    I am Baron of Ibelin. I have one hundred men (armed???) in Jerusalem.
    If you come with me, you will have a living and (???)
    (Balian : Whatever/Whoever? you are, my lord, my place is here.)
    What made (???) your place is now dead.
    You will never see me again. If you want anything of me, take it now.
    (Balian : I want nothing.)
    I am sorry (???) chores. God protect you.

    Jerusalem is easy to find. Go to where the man speak Italian,
    continue till they speak something else.
    We go by Messina. Good bye.

    You've come to kill me? Even these days, it is not easy. Well ?
    (Balian : I have done. Murder. )
    Haven't we all ?
    (Balian : Is it true, in Jerusalem I can erase my sins?
    And those of my wife? Is it true? )
    We can find it together. Show me your hand.

    Take it up. (???)
    (The Hospitaler : His hand is hurt, My lord.)
    I fought two days with an arrow through my testicle.
    Never use a low guard. You fight well, let's work on your skills.
    Take a high guard. Italians call it "(???)", (the) guard of a hawk.
    You strike from high. Sword straighter. Take back. Bend your knees.
    Defend yourself. (The?)Blade isn't the only part of a/the? sword.
    Sword straighter. Attack !

    What's this?
    (You are with the man, Balian, who killed a priest. I am (???)
    Lord bishop to bring him back.)
    (Balian : What he says is true. They have the right to take me.)
    (Just give him to me. I'll fight for something else. He is a murderer.)
    So am I. Whoever dies here today, you will certainly be among them.
    (You are a lord. I must ???.)

    Thank the bishop for his love !!

    (The Hospitaler : You broke an arrow. If the ribs are broken,
    marrow may enter the blood, in which case you take a fever and die.
    Or(?) a cyst forms, you will live. You are in the hands of God.)
    I can miss more wine.
    (To Balian) It was not,they had no right to take you.
    It was the way they asked.
    (Balian : They had the right to take me.)
    So do I.

    Do you know what lies in the Holy Land ? A new world.
    (?) The man who in France had no house is in Holy Land the master
    of the city. He, who was the master of the city, begs in a gutter.
    There, at the end of the world, you are not what you are born,
    but what you have it in yourself to be.
    (Balian : What I (???) is forgiveness. That's all I want.)
    Whatever your position, you are of my house.
    That means, you will serve the king of Jerusalem.
    (Balian : What could/would? ask the king a man like me?)
    A better world than has ever been seen.
    A kingdom of conscience. A kingdom of heaven.
    There is peace between Christians and Muslims (who could live?) together.
    (?) War, between Saladin and the king, (will ???).
    Did you think that lay at the end of the crusade? It does.
    Balian, you are all that survives me. Do not disappoint me.

    (The Hospitaler : (???) on your knees.)
    Be without fear in the face of your enemies.
    Be brave and upright that God may love thee.
    Speak the truth, always, even if it leads to your death.
    Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.
    That is your oath. It hurts, so you remember it.
    (The Hospitaler : Rise a knight, Baron of Ibelin.)

    Defend the king. If the king is no more, protect the people.
    (The Hospitaler : This time you confess to holy God, not your son.
    Are you sorry for all your sins?)
    All, but one.
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