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No3285 の記事

■3285 / )  The Hospitalerの台詞:要補完
□投稿者/ ハーブ -(2005/06/06(Mon) 23:39:15)
    2005/07/10(Sun) 22:55:40 編集(投稿者)
    2005/06/17(Fri) 08:36:34 編集(投稿者)

    今度は私のほうが叩き台提出(^^;) 全台詞、ではないけどメインから。

    The Hospitaler:
    So. How find you Jerusalem?

    God does not speak to me. Not even on the Hill where Christ died.
    I'm outside God's Grace.

    The Hospitaler:
    I have not heard of that.

    At any rate, it seems...I've lost my religion.

    The Hospitaler:
    I put no stock in religion.
    By the word religion I've seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination
    be called the will of God.

    Holiness is in right action, and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves.
    And Goodness---what God desires---is here, and here.
    By(?) what you decide to do every day, you'll be a good man. Or not.


    The King has made peace with Saladin past six years.
    He holds Jerusalem as a place for prayers for all faith, as Muslims did
    before we came.

    Those men are templers. They killed the Arabs.

    Ballian: So they are dying for what the Pope'd command(-ed?) them to do.

    The Hospitaler:
    Yes. But not Christ, I think, nor this king.
    You go with the army?

    The Hospitaler:
    My order is with the army.

    You go to certain death.

    The Hospitaler:
    All death is certain.
    I shall tell your father what I've seen you've become.
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