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Nomal Melting Pot Party! 多国籍交流会 7月17.. /LGT 英語サークル (04/07/09(Fri) 01:22) #1921

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■1921 / 親階層)  Melting Pot Party! 多国籍交流会 7月17日(土)
□投稿者/ LGT 英語サークル -(2004/07/09(Fri) 01:22:15)

    I want Japanese to have
    "melting pot mentality" and stop treating non-Japanese
    people as guests but just one of them.
    Some non-Japanese might feel that being foreign is
    important in Japan, so that they can get the special
    kindness Japanese to extend to guests.
    It is true but it also means that those people are
    far from real friendship.

    It was much easier for me to make friends from many diffefrent
    countries when I was living in US because nobody treated me as Gaijin
    nor their guest.
    I did not get any special kindness from them but I was very happy.

    That is why I named the party "Melting Pot",
    wishing my dream come true.
    I want you to come to the party if you agree with me
    and support the idea.

    << Melting Pot Party!>>

    Date: July 17th (Sat)
    Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm
    Place: Kitazawa-Town Hall. Sky Salon 12th floor
    Dress Code: Casual/Free

    Map: http://lgt.hp.infoseek.co.jp/map.html

    * Free entry to the first person from
    each different country to make a reservation
    for the party!
    * Reservation is required for the chance of free entry.
    Email me with your Full Name/ Nationality, please.

    LGT. Tokyo Friendship Circle

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