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Parth Galen 修正案 [ハーブ] 12/13 01:29

906● Parth Galen 修正案[ ハーブ ] 2002 12/13 01:29
>Just where is all that the ring means to Boromir?

>Parth Galen (chapter 36)
[script] We're all afraid, Frodo, but to let that fear drive us to destroy what hope we have. Don't you see, it's madness.
[subtitle] We're all afraid, but if we are overcome by fear, all will be lost. Don't forget it.
comment:★To Boromir the ring is a gift, a powerful weapon that can be used against the Enemy as he said at the council. That has never left his mind and he cannot accept the idea that the ring should be destroyed. None of such thoughts of his is expressed in the subtitle.
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